Vision and Demands

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After years of market rate developments creeping into almost every block of our neighborhood, the Plaza 16 Coalition has come together to oppose the largest market rate development in the history of the Mission District. The 350-unit project proposed for the site at 1979 Mission (southeast corner of 16th and Mission) will further accelerate the already rapid gentrification of our neighborhood and city. We refuse to see more of our neighbors displaced and we refuse to lose any more of our neighborhood culture.

The Plaza 16 Coalition advocates for 1979 Mission to be used for much needed affordable housing and community serving businesses in our neighborhood. This neighborhood is our home and we plan to support development and plans that are for the people of this neighborhood and not merely for profit.

OUR DEMANDS for development at 1979 Mission Street

  • We demand that Maximus Real Estate Partners abandon their current project at 1979 Mission.
  • We demand the planning commission and the City of San Francisco reject all market rate housing developments in the Mission until housing needs for the poor and working class are fully met. Additionally, we demand that the San Francisco Planning Department abide by the community planning and land-use process outlined in the Plan Popular*, specifically the guidelines outlining community planning for “people not profit,” for any future developments.
  • We demand that the owning partners of 1979 Mission (Maximus Real Estate Partners and the Jang Family Trust) transfer the land to community hands.
  • We demand a stop to the harassment and criminalizing of low-income people and people of color that use the Plaza as public space by the SFPD under the guise of “cleaning up the plaza.”

*Plan Popular/People’s Plan Objectives and Polices
Part 1: Land Use, Housing, and Economic Development
Part 2: Arts and Culture, Parks and Open Space, and Transportation

View a PDF of the presentation on the proposed development from our May 15th Community Forum.

Plan Popular Objectives

Land Use
Objective 1: Use zoning controls to ensure the preservation and development of affordable housing sufficient to meet Mission District’s share of the housing affordability goals of the Housing Element of the San Francisco General Plan.
Objective 2: Use zoning controls to promote and retain light industrial and artisan businesses and living wage employment opportunities.
Objective 3: Use zoning controls to promote environmental justice.
Objective 4: Use zoning controls to promote Mission Community and Family-Serving neighborhood commercial development.
Objective 5: Allow increased residential density near transit in a way that protects and enhances the interests of the existing Mission community.
Objective 6: Use zoning controls to encourage transit, walking, and bicycling as alternatives to auto use.
Objective 7: Use zoning controls to ensure that the Mission District has sufficient high quality open spaces for recreation and community activities.
Objective 8: Ensure community input into future changes to land use controls.




Objective 1: Develop new permanently affordable housing for extremely low to moderate-income individuals, families and seniors in the Mission District, while protecting the existing uses that provide working-class jobs.
Objective 2: Provide funding for development and conservation of affordable housing through Public Benefits Incentive Zoning.
Objective 3: Ensure that housing development promotes health.
Objective 4: Work to lower the cost of all new housing.
Objective 5: Preserve and improve the existing rent-controlled housing stock.
Objective 6: Conserve and expand the supply of rental housing.
Objective 7: Increase the supply and improve access to homeownership opportunities that are affordable to low- and moderate income families in the Mission District.
Objective 8: Preserve and improve the quality and affordability of the existing residential hotel stock.
Objective 9: Increase funding for housing for the neediest in the Mission District.