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New reports show massive housing fail in SF: Housing dashboard and quarterly report show massive loss of affordable housing — and too much housing for the rich, not enough for everyone else, in the pipeline for the future  48 Hills

Marching on Maximus 48 Hills

Protesters Storm Developer’s Office Mission Local

KPFA radio coverage of Plaza 16 June 24th action with Labor (story begins at 43:40) Pacifica Radio News

Labor Joins Protest Against 16th and Mission Developer  SF Weekly

Mission Luxury Housing Protest  San Francisco Examiner

How dollars and politics are fueling S.F. construction unions’ surprising anti-development stance  San Francisco Business Times

Why market-rate housing makes the crisis worse  48 Hills

Don’t Believe the Hype: Affordable Housing does NOT depend on Market Rate Development  San Francisco Examiner

SF Residents Plan to Fight Proposed Luxury Housing in Mission District: Jobs are the latest casualty in the wave of luxury housing developments in San Francisco  NBC Bay Area

The Mission at its best, the Mayor at his worst  []

The Mission moratorium goes down, narrowly — but the fight has only begun  48 Hills

The Mission Moratorium and the Other Bubble  SF Weekly

Market-rate housing puts city on collision course with Vision Zero goals San Francisco  San Francisco Examiner

Limited land supply drives Mission housing moratorium  San Francisco Examiner

Church Uses Clout and Prayer to Press San Francisco on Housing  SF Gate

SF Democratic Party votes against the Mission  48 Hills

New Luxury Rentals Add to Rent Squeeze  Wall Street Journal

Gentrification Spreads an Upheaval in San Francisco’s Mission District  New York Times

Don’t listen to the Mission housing moratorium smear tactics  San Francisco Examiner

Monster in the Mission  Huffington Post

Check out the great banner art at Friday’s City Hall protest  Mission Mission

San Francisco considers Mission District building moratorium to counteract rent spike  Associated Press

Mission District anti-eviction protesters take over SF City Hall  (video) KTVU

San Francisco protesters want moratorium on evictions:  Protesters citing housing crisis in Mission District descend on San Francisco City Hall   Associated Press

Anti-Eviction Protesters Take Over San Francisco City Hall, Demand to Speak with Mayor Ed Lee  NBC Bay Area

The Mission Takes City Hall (video) []

Supporters of Mission Housing Moratorium Storm City Hall  San Francisco Examiner

Housing activists take to City Hall  Mission Local

Temporary halt on building new market-rate in Mission housing has support, poll says
SF Examiner

Affordable housing built in the Mission: Less than 7 percent  48 Hills

Why the neighborhood is right to fear the ‘Monster’ in the Mission San Francisco Examiner

Comunidad de Mission se opone a construcción Telemundo 48

SF residents protest ‘Monster in the Mission’ luxury apartments ABC 7 TV

In the Mission, a developer forum becomes a vocal protest:
More than 300 people pack community meeting to oppose 16th and Mission project 48 Hills

Protesters Drown Out Developers’ Benefits Presentation Mission Local

Planned Housing, Retail Development Sparks Outrage in San Francisco’s Mission District NBC Bay Area

‘Monster in the Mission’ Recap Curbed SF

Protesters Oppose Housing Project at SF’s 16th and Mission KGO Radio

Idea luxury condos in the Mission helps low-income people defies logic 48 Hills

Evictions could signal the approach of more “monsters” in the Mission
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Developer of 16th Street BART condo project makes bizarre mistake San Francisco Business Times

Mission Residents Battle Gentrification from New Condo Development

Developer is trying to downplay impact of Plaza 16 project  El Tecolote

Constructor de la Plaza en calle 16 está tratando de minimizar el impacto del proyecto El Tecolote

The fight for the 16th St. BART plaza continues El Tecolote

La lucha por la Plaza de la estación calle 16 del BART continúa El Tecolote

The 8 Washington of Mission Street
48 Hills

Activists Protest “Monster in the Mission” Beyond Chron

With Sun Blazing, Anti-Eviction Protestors March On Mission Local

Plaza 16: Examing SF’s Housing Crisis El Tecolote

Plaza 16: Examinando la crisis de la vivienda El Tecolote

Ranks of opposition to 16th and Mission development grown as Plaza 16 pushes forward San Francisco Bay Guardian

At Plaza 16 Meeting, Non Profit Opposition Builds  Mission Local

Developer faces massive battle over 16 Street BART housing project San Francisco Business Times

Guest Opinion: The Mission is so gay — let’s keep in that way! Bay Area Reporter

16th and Mission Developer gets schooled in community relations 48 Hills

16th Street Project faces tough crowd at Ed Board Mission Local

What happens when a huge development overshadows a public school

Housing at transit hubs should be 100 percent affordable

Plaza 16 Festival celebrates community, rallies against proposed development at 16 & Mission El Tecolote

Comunidad expresa rechazo a proyecto construcción El Tecolote

Residents Oppose High-End Housing in San Francisco’s Mission (video) NBC Bay Area

Developers Propose Massive Complex at 16th Street in the Mission (video) KTVU

Project at 16th Street BART Plaza Has Enemies  Mission Local

Market-rate vs. affordable housing at 16th and Mission SFGate

San Francisco Residents Raise Concerns Over Mission Development Planned For 16th BART Station KCBS

El monstruo asoma la cabeza en la Misión El Mensajero

16th Street BART Plaza  (video) people power media

The battle of 16th and Mission: Inside the campaign to “clean up” the plaza and build
luxury housing
48 hills

Controversial housing proposal at 16th and Mission follows calls to “Clean up the Plaza”
San Francisco Bay Guardian

Coalition Protests 16th Street Development El Tecolote

Coalición denuncia proyecto en la Calle 16 El Tecolote

Astroturfing a Sea Change at 16th and Mission Uptown Almanac