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No Monster Hearing Cancelled On The Mission // A la Misión Nos Cancelaron Audiencia En Contra del Monstruo

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Dearest Community, It is with anger in our bellies that we tell you that the No Monster in the Mission hearing on November 1st was canceled on us.

Starting last week, Maximus began a concentrated campaign of intimidation to keep the hearing from happening, even going as far as threatening violence at Mission High School which triggered the pulling of the original permit. This cloud of fear Maximus created around the hearing blew over to Everett Middle School and that permit was also denied last minute.

This postponement is an incredible disappointment and we are particularly disturbed that Maximus is employing the deeply racist stereotype of the Mission as “violent” to keep us from having an honest, public, and democratic process regarding the Monster.

But the Mission will not be intimidated by a Wall Street corporation. We will not back down. We are still planning to have a strong and powerful community event on November 1st. Please join us at 3 pm at 18th St and Dolores St.

We must not allow this setback to make us feel weak or make us freeze. The fact that Maximus has to resort to such dirty tricks to keep this hearing from happening shows us that they are deeply fearful of our voice. Let’s make sure they hear us, and let’s prepare for a hearing in the new year.

Gentrification is not inevitable! See you on Thursday at 3pm, 18th and Dolores St. 


Querida Comunidad, Es con ira en nuestros vientres que les decimos que nos cancelaron la audiencia el 1 de Noviembre en contra del Monstruo en la Misión.

A partir de la semana pasada, Maximus comenzó una campaña concentrada de intimidación para evitar que ocuriera la audiencia, incluso llegando a amenazar violencia en Mission High School, eso fue lo que provocó la extracción del permiso original. Esta nube de miedo que Maximus creó alrededor de la audiencia voló sobre Everett Middle School y ese permiso también fue negado en el último minuto.

Este posposición es una decepción increíble y nos preocupa especialmente que Maximus esté empleando el estereotipo profundamente racista de la Misión como “violento” para evitar que tengamos un proceso honesto, público, y democrático con respecto al Monstruo.

Pero la Misión no será intimidada por una corporación de Wall Street. No nos retrocederemos. Todavía estamos planeando tener un evento comunitario fuerte y poderoso el 1 de noviembre. Por favor acompáñenos a las 3 pm en 18th St y Dolores St.

No debemos permitir que este contratiempo nos haga sentir débiles o que nos congele. El hecho de que Maximus tenga que recurrir a estos truco tan sucio para evitar que ocurra esta audiencia nos muestra que temen profundamente nuestra voz. Asegurémonos de que nos escuchen y que preparanos para una audiencia en el año nuevo.

¡El Aburguesamiento no es inevitable! Nos vemos el jueves a las 3 de la tarde, 18 y calle Dolores


Mark Your Calendars! Thursday, November 1st – First Public Hearing on the Monster

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After 5 years of creeping over our community, Maximus, the corporation proposing the Monster, will be coming to the to the Mission where they will have to finally make an honest presentation about their Monster. While this is not the first time Maximus has come to the Mission, it is the first time that they have to talk about the Monster without being able to rely on confusion and false promises.

So, mark your calendar for Thursday, November 1st at Mission High School 3pm for the first time that the community gets an opportunity to speak directly to the city and Maximus and let them know “No Monster in the Mission. Build 100% Affordable at 16th and Mission!”

If you have any questions about the hearing or about preparing for public comment contact

See you on November 1st!


Después de 5 años de actividades insidiosas en nuestra comunidad, Maximus, Maximus, la corporación que propone el Monstruo, vendra a la Misión donde tendrán que hacer una presentación honesta sobre su Monstruo. Aunque esta no es la primera vez que Maximus viena a la Misión, es la primera vez que tendran que hacer una presetacion sobre el Monstruo sin poder confiar en promesas confusas y falsas.

Entonces, marquen su calendario para el jueves 1 de noviembre en Mission High School a las 3 pm para la primera oportunidad que tiene la comunidad de hablar directamente con la ciudad y Maximus y decirles “No al Monstruo en la Misión. Construyan Vivienda 100% Asequible en la 16th y Mission”

Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre la audiencia o sobre cómo prepararse para un comentario público, comuníquese con

¡Nos vemos el 1 de noviembre!

Taking Action Against the Monster in January

Picture by Tim Porter. photography.timporter.compicture by Tim Porter.
We are excited to be in action with our community and fight for our right to decide what happens in our neighborhood. Below are the upcoming opportunities to take action against the Monster in the Mission. See you all soon!
  • Thursday, January 18th – Art Party for the Jan 25th March for Mission Street 
    • 474 Valencia St, Centro del Pueblo  second-floor auditorium – 4:30pm-8:00pm
    • Come paint banners, and signs and be in community and we prepare for the march next week. 
  • Wednesday, January 24th – Hearing on Resolution to Oppose the Monster at DCCC 
    • 627 Turk St, Tenderloin Elementary School  – 6:30 pm
    • Come support a resolution opposing the Monster in the Mission at the Democratic Central Committee. 
  • Thursday, January 25th – March for Mission Street 
    • Meet at Mission St. and 20th St. – 12:00pm – 3:00pm
    • Let’s take our streets back and let the city know that they need to plan for people, not displacement.
    • If you want to march with the Plaza16 Contingent meet at Dolores Street Community Services, 938 Valencia St. at 11:45 am 
    • More info here

Build the Housing that the Mission Needs. Build the Marvel.

affordable marvelIn the great tradition of beautiful and culturally grounded affordable housing in the Mission built to meet our communities greatest need – a stable and healthy home to be able to thrive in – Plaza 16 developed an alternative project for 16th and Mission. The community planning process began in August 2015 and engaged more than 300 community members across the span of 6 community planning meetings to develop the “Marvel in the Mission,” a community alternative to the Monster proposed by Maximus. Check out the video below about the community planning process from the point of view of some of the Latinx community in the Mission who were a part of it. Video by Causa Justa :: Just Cause Organizer, Lucas Solorzano
As people who live in this neighborhood every day – and some of us for generations – we know the housing solutions our community needs the most and we have put the work to design an alternative proposal. In a contest between the Monster and the Marvel, the Marvel wins hands-down. Marvel vs Monster 6_22 Help us make it a reality by sending a letter an email or making a phone call to the Planning Department and the D9 Supervisor’s office letting them all know that we need to #BuildTheMarvel. 

SF Weekly Exposes Just How Scary Those Monster in the Mission BART Ads Really Are!

news3 Go out and grab this week’s SF Weekly and check-out Joe Kukura’s exposé about those scary Monster in the Mission BART ads. Joe’s sharp reporting connects the dots between the Monster in the Mission’s massively expensive “grassroots effort” and powerful Big Soda and Big Tobacco lobbyists  “The ads say supporters of the project ‘not a Monster,’ but you might as well call them Monsters, Inc., because they’re many of the same corporate lobbying interests who recently fought for the tobacco industry and the soda industry… Further, Mission For All’s listed mailing address is that of a San Rafael corporate law firm called Nielsen Merksamer, which is also leading the lobbying effort against the flavored tobacco ban the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed in June.” Big Soda and Big Tobacco have long histories of exploiting working class communities of color, these developers pretend to have the Mission community in mind but we know this crew of monsters has no place in our neighborhood. Chirag Bhakta, Plaza 16 coalition member, says of the ads “Exploitation of people of color in an ad campaign to convince a mainly Latino, immigrant, low-income neighborhood that this gentrifying project is actually going to help the neighborhood comes out of Rapacious Marketing 101,” Bhakta says. “Most of the people who are showcased in these ads most likely are not going to be able to afford these units being built.” This Halloween, stand with Plaza 16 and make sure the monsters don’t win!