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MISSION TAKES CITY HALL PART 2 :: Supes vote on Mission Luxury Moratorium

We need everyone for this one!

Mission Takes City Hall Part 2 SUPES VOTE ON LUXURY MORATORIUM for Mission TUES. JUNE 2nd 1:30 Rally Polk Street Steps City Hall 3:00 Speak out at Board of Supervisors Hearing

Hearing may last until 5pm, possibly later. Join when you can! Text 415-710-8908 for updates or follow @PlazaSixteen on Twitter or on Facebook. Children/families welcome! :: SUPPORT the LUXURY MORATORIUM! :: :: #SaveTheMission :: This temporary moratorium would allow time for a community-based plan for truly affordable housing. Luxury housing accounts for 93% of the housing being built in the Mission. The SF Planning department has determined that only 13 sites remain in the Mission for the development of affordable housing. The very limited property left in the Mission must be prioritized for affordable housing, not luxury condos unaffordable to the majority of San Franciscans. Full text of legislation. ______________________________________________ SALVE EL BARRIO MISSION MARTES 2 de Junio en la Alcaldía de SF 1:30 PM MITIN en las gradas de la Alcaldía 3:00 PM LEVANTE SU VOZ en la mesa de los supervisores La audiencia durara hasta las 6:00pm o más tarde. Alcancenos cuando puedas. Evnvie un mensaje al 415-710-8908 para manternerlo informado o signalos en twitter @PlazaSixteen. Niños y familias son bienvenidos. :: AOPOYE un ALTO a la CONSTRUCCIÓN de CONDOMINIOS :: Este alto temporal nos dara tiempo para crear un plan comunitario que ofresco viviendas de bajos ingresos. Los espacios limitados en la Mission deben de ser una prioridad para vivendas de bajos ingresos y no para condominios de lujo.


We promised to take City Hall on May 8 and that is exactly what we did! One thousand strong, we made our demands loud and clear under the Dome and at the doors of the Mayor and the Supervisors. It was truly an incredible day. Our chants, as we marched through through the halls — No monsters in the Mission! Stop the evictions! — echoed across the country and ’round the world as the event gained national and even international media attention. Stay tuned at this website for lots of amazing videos and images from the event and for a comprehensive list of media coverage. Here are two amazing videos for starters! Menchini PPM

WE TOOK CITY HALL :: MAY 8, 2105 Part I

We promised to take City Hall on May 8 and that is exactly what we did. Eight hundred to a thousand strong, we made our demands loud and clear under the Dome and at the doors of the Mayor and the Supervisors. It was truly an incredible day. Our chants as we marched through through the halls — No monsters in the Mission! Stop the evictions! — echoed across the country and ’round the world as the event gained national and even international media attention.

The People marching in unity, arm in arm, through the halls of power. Photo by Rick Gerharter

the Mission takes City Hall

Our first speaker was Michelle Antone of the Tohono O’odham Nation


La Colectiva de Mujeres en la casa! with Idell Wilson of Mission SRO Collaborative, and Laura Guzman of Mission Neighborhood Resource Center. Photo by Rick Gerharter

the Mission takes City Hall

We collectively recited the poem “Mission Vision” with its author, SF Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguía!  Photo by Rick Gerharter

the Mission takes City Hall

Outside Mayor Lee’s office to deliver our demands. The Mayor was nowhere to be found. Photo by Rick Gerharter.

This breathtaking photo is by Mike Koozim of the SF Examiner ::

This breathtaking photo is by Mike Koozim of the SF Examiner ::


OUR DEMANDS :: Mission Takes City Hall :: May 8, 2015







 PDF VERSION Declare a State of Emergency to Address Affordable Housing Crisis
  • Recognize and acknowledge that San Francisco is facing a serious crisis in affordable housing and formulate a bold plan to address this crisis.
  • Place a moratorium on evictions in San Francisco for at least 12 months and a moratorium on market-rate development for 2 years.  No more luxury “Monsters in the Mission”.
Protect our Community
  • Pass legislation to stop the displacement of our cultural and artistic communities and institutions.
  • Approve Just Cause Protection 2.0 for tenants.
  • Investigate the cluster of fires in the Mission District that have killed at least three people so far. Require that the owners of fire-damaged buildings in the Mission provide every resident and business the right to return at the same rental price and terms. Fast-track the rehabilitation of fire-damaged rental units.
Fund and Build Affordable Housing 
  • Make substantial budget allocations (at least $150 million per year) for affordable housing, down payments on Co-op Home Ownership, and Mission non-profit property and build at least 3,000 affordable housing units in the Mission over the next five years for people with 0-30% AMI.
  • Generate increased funding for housing from corporate taxes, property tax increases, transfer fees, developer in lieu fees, the Housing Trust Fund, a substantial Housing Bond, and taxes on short-term rentals.
  • Issue vouchers, without expiration, for all people who have been evicted from the Mission through No-Fault Evictions and create a system to manage voucher receipts.
  • Provide housing to all residents of San Francisco by utilizing available Treasure Island, Presidio, and Housing Authority resources.
  • Identify and purchase a sufficient amount of sites for affordable housing including publicly-owned land.
  • Stop the criminalization of homeless residents of the Mission and house every homeless resident of the Mission, including single adults, families and children.
Institute Community Oversight
  • Create a Mission Housing Committee that is accountable, open, transparent, and oversees bottom-up for-profit housing development in the Mission and develops a long term ten year strategic plan to preserve and expand affordable housing in the Mission.

THIS WEEK :: May 4 – May 8

WEDNESDAY :: T-shirt and Banner Making Wednesday, May 6 at 6-8PM PODER :: 474 Valencia near 16th :: Room 120 THURSDAY :: City Hall event organizing meeting Thursday, May 7 at 6 PM L’s Caffe :: 2871 24th Street (between Florida and Bryant) FRIDAY :: Mission Takes City Hall Friday, May 8 11:00am ::  Gather at City Hall, Polk Street Steps 11:30am SHARP :: Four directions ceremony 12:00 SHARP :: main event begins (((BE THERE EARLY)))

:: This is a 100% PEACEFUL EVENT ::

This Week :: Three ways to help the Mission Take City Hall!

WEDNESDAY :: T-shirt and Banner Making Wednesday, April 29 at 6-8PM PODER :: 474 Valencia near 16th :: Room 120 THURSDAY :: City Hall event organizing meeting Thursday, April 30 at 6 PM L’s Caffe :: 2871 24th Street (between Florida and Bryant) FRIDAY :: Outreach & tabling at the International Workers Day Regional Festival and March Friday, May 1st 1:30-3:30 Festival @ Civic Center Plaza 3:30 Regional March to 24th and Mission 5:00-5:30 Closing program @ 24th and Mission There are many volunteer needs for this event and you can find out how to plug in to one of those roles at Wednesday’s art-making or Thursday’s organizing meeting.

The Mission Takes City Hall on Friday, May 8

THE MISSION TAKES CITY HALL on Friday, May 8 at 12PM. Be there!

Stop the Evictions! No Monster in the Mission! Truly Affordable Housing Now! No More Luxury-Priced Development in the Mission! Mayor Lee: Declare a State of Emergency! 11:30 AM gather on front steps SF City Hall (Polk Street side) 12:00 PM SHARP action begins This will be a very big and very exciting event. Many more details to be announced! Co-organized by: ACCE • Calle 24 Latino Cultural District • Eviction Free SF • Our Mission No Eviction • Plaza 16 Coalition, Poor Magazine and many more RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends!


WEDNESDAY :: T-shirt and Banner Making Wednesday, April 29 at 6-8PM PODER :: 474 Valencia near 16th :: Room 120 THURSDAY :: City Hall event organizing meeting Thursday, April 30 at 6 PM L’s Caffe :: 2871 24th Street (between Florida and Bryant) FRIDAY :: Tabling/Flyering at the International Workers Day Regional Festival and March Friday, May 1st 1:30-3:30 Festival @ Civic Center Plaza 3:30 Regional March to 24th and Mission 5:00-5:30 Closing program @ 24th and Mission NewFeatured-Image

Take action :: Demand public meeting for new market rate project

Please send an email to the planning department and real estate developer demanding a public meeting for proposed project at 600 South Van Ness

Here’s how you can help demand a public meeting for this market-rate project that has not received adequate public input. A project currently in the approval process proposed for 600 South Van Ness (at 17th Street) is yet another example of how development planning in the Mission is primarily serving the interests of developers, not our community. Project sponsor Michael Leavitt is seeking permits to build a market-rate project with zero on-site affordable units and without any indication whether the units will be for sale or rental. The developer has had little or no engagement with the community and expects the project to be rubber-stamped by the Planning Comission this month with virtually no public input. With all projects that come before the city’s planning commission, the summary of information about the project is not released publicly until the release of the Planning Commission agenda just six days before the actual meeting. Even then, the information is difficult to find and understand for the general public. More importantly, by the time the information is available, the approval process is so far along that it is almost impossible for the public to offer meaningful input. This system makes it very difficult for the general public to have any influence on the approval decisions of the unelected members of the Planning Commission. Yet these decisions have immense impact on our communities. Please send an email to the Planning Department and Commissioners, the project developer, and the district Supervisor demanding a public meeting

THUR. MARCH 26 :: Plaza 16 Community Meeting

Plaza 16 Community Meeting THUR. MARCH 26 at 6PM Marshall Elementary School 1575 15th Street at Capp Street

Food and childcare provided.  RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook. On March 4th we showed Maximus and city officials an incredible display of community strength and unity ( Now it’s time to build on that momentum and take the campaign against the Monster in the Mission to the next level! Our next community meeting will be held at Marshall Elementary, the school adjacent to the proposed Maximus monster. The Maximus project would cast a shadow over the school for most of the year and the 18 months of construction would be terribly disruptive to the students’ learning environment. Parents at the school need our support in resisting the project and they need our help convincing the School Board commissioners that they must not help facilitate the monster project by making a deal with Maximus. At the March meeting we will continue the community-driven process for developing a community-serving vision for 16th and Mission and will we discuss our next community actions, etc. Note: in April we will return to our regular third-Thursday schedule at St. John the Evangelist Church, Julian Street at 15th.

We Just Changed Everything :: Massive showing of community strength at March 4th on Maximus



“Powerful beyond words” is how Rosario Cervantes described the experience of witnessing San Francisco teacher, Nancy Obregon speaking truth boldly to Maximus representatives, with each phrase enthusiastically echoed by some 350+ community voices in the room.

I am a teacher. Born and raised in San Francisco. I’ve been teaching for 21 years. I’ve affected over a thousand children’s lives. And I can not afford to live in the community that I helped change! So you tell me how Maximus is going to help me!

Deborah Gatiss reported, “afterward I thanked her . . . and I told her I was pretty sure she just changed everything.” [from].

The extraordinary momentone in a series of so many extraordinary moments on the evening of March 4th at the Laborers Local 261 Union Hallwas caught on video by [] and had already logged more than 12,000 views on Facebook just two days later, when this post was published.  Our community’s message was heard crystal clear that night, and has been reaching far and wide ever since.

  “Powerful beyond words” is actually a perfect description for the entire evening that we spent picketing, chanting, singing, and echoing each other’s voices, directed squarely at Maximus Real Estate Partners—but also at our elected officials and decision makers in City Hall.  Maximus was there to present details on a community benefits package for their proposed project for 1979 Mission, best known as the Monster in the Mission. We were there to reject their towers of predominately luxury-priced units and to demand 100% affordable housing for the Mission District until the community’s affordable needs are met.  And yes, there was indeed the palpable sense in the room that we just might be turning the tide. That together, we were changing everything. The Occupy-style “human microphone”beginning about every five minutes throughout Maximus’ presentation, with a Mic check! Mic check! or  ¡Atención! ¡Atención!was used to great effect to counter Maximus’ untrue claims that their luxury project could actually bring benefit to the existing community. (Note: some Plaza 16 folks are working on a point by point written response to Maximus’ benefits package. Watch for that here soon.) This “mic check,” led by Chirag Bhakta of Mission SRO Collaborative, is guaranteed to give you chills.  
  We wrapped up our very vocal public statement that we refuse to be pushed out our community, with a spirited chant of “Hell no! We won’t go!” and countless choruses of “Hit the road MAX! And don’tcha come back no more, no more, no more, no more!” (Anyone have clips of that for posterity’s sake?) Before entering the meeting, we held a non-confrontational picket out front, striking against Maximus (certainly not against laborers!), and a rousing rally with an even bigger crew of  some 400 community folks strong (a significant portion of our crew was not allowed to enter the hall for the meeting as it was filled to capacity). Here’s a clip from Tommi Avicolli Mecca’s speech explaining how Maximus’s proposed project would drive displacement in a neighborhood already suffering a severe crisis. More clips of more speeches to come.  The marvelously diverse crowd filled the sidewalk and spilled onto the street, as a near full moon rose over the scene. The massive rally and the takeover of the meeting were a marvelous display of beautiful and inspiring people power.  And this is only going to grow.  If you weren’t able to be there on March 4th, make certain you don’t miss the next big action!    
The People picket Maximus

400 community folks deep in the Non-confrontational picket against MAXIMUS. Photo by Andrew Szeto


Marilyn Duran, youth leader with PODER. Photo by Heather Box.


On strike agaist Maximus! Photos by Rick Gerharter.

cynthia mission sro collaborative

Cynthia Crenshaw from Mission SRO Collaborative. Photo by Rick Gerhater


native american health center  


Our action received loads of media coverage.  Below is NBC BayArea’s report including a quote from Cynthia Crenshaw from Mission SRO Collaborative, “I’m worried about them wanting to tear down my building and put up more condos.”  One correction for NBC: it did not “get ugly” at all, inside the meeting, as stated at the beginning of the clip. Rather, it is was utterly beautiful and inspiring!  
  Tim Remond of 48Hills thought the community voices were strong enough that we might truly be able to shut down Maximus.

“When projects are shut down altogether – when developers realize, for example, that no project at 16th and Mission in 2015 is going to go forward with the normal return on investment and profit that’s expected from market-rate housing in the city – it sends a message.”

“I don’t know if there’s any commercial housing project that the community will accept today at 16th and Mission. But I can say that what we saw tonight was a first offer, and it was soundly rejected.

Mission Local had a pretty in-depth play by play of the evening, including quotes from several of the speakers at the rally including Cynthia Crenshaw, Marilyn Duran, and Tommi Avicolli-Mecca.

“If Maximus builds these condos on 16th and Mission, there will be massive gentrification in this neighborhood,” housing activist Tommi Avicolli Mecca told a gathering crowd. “New people who move in will call the police to get rid of the poor people” 

ABC 7 got some good shots of the “ruckus demonstration” outside, and the energy inside, but they also got a few things wrong. Plaza 16, for example, was not confrontational with laborers. We are in solidarity with our labor sisters and brothers, and have a strong labor presence within our coalition including SEIU 1021 and Jobs with Justice.  Also ABC 7 failed to question the erroneous 31% affordable figure (it’s actually 24%) that the Maximus spokespeople kept inexplicably repeating.  Cory Weinberg of the San Francisco Business Times called out Maximus on their chronically incorrect math.  
  Incidentally, the spreading of misinformation is becoming a pattern for Maximus. A week prior to our March 4th action Weinberg reported on Maximus’ erroneous listing of Supervisor Campos as a “co-sponsor” of the March 4th meeting—what he called the “latest tactical error by Maximus after months of street protests against the project.” Campos publicly rebuked the developer for the misinformation. “I’m very upset with the fact that the flier claims I am co-sponsoring the meeting,” he said. “. . . Frankly I think it raises questions about the developer.” Curbed SF, the real estate blog, caught a quote from Buck Bagot of ACCE. “Market-rate housing is never going to trickle down to middle-income people like me, let alone poor and working class people,” said Bagot. KGO radio had a short and sweet report with a quote from Carmen Simon of Plaza 16 member organizations, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and Eviction Free San Francisco. Telemundo did a preview in the morning for which they definitely get extra props for publishing our Plaza 16 Greedzilla tweet along with their report. In the evening they ran this short clip with some nice footage outside the venue.  
  Please let us know what news stories we might have missed!