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:: Rock Out for the Mission THUR. Oct. 8 :: Save Midtown on TUE Oct. 6

Latin Legends Rock for La Mission A Benefit for Proposition I THUR. OCT 8 6PM – Midnight Roccapulco, 3140 Mission Street (near Cesar Chavez St.)

Order your tickets now! Come ROCK OUT with Latin Legends including Leo Rosales (formerly of Malo), John Santos, Dr. Loco, John Calloway, Mission Varrio Project, and MORE! Join us in this historic celebration of the Latin American music, culture, art, stories and people that make the Mission District in San Francisco so unique. All proceeds go to Proposition I, the pause for a plan to save the Mission. Viva La Mission!


11:45  Gather 12pm-1pm Press conference + public rally on City Hall Steps 2pm Board of Supervisors public comment 3pm Office of Mayor Ed Lee sit-in RSVP on Facebook 65 Families Face An Average 120% Rent Increase, Forced Displacement, Eviction Threats Midtown is the only city owned apartment complex that is not public housing, the tenants have paid off the property mortgage in 2007. A lot of tenants lost their Fillmore based Victorians to eminent domain during the civic redevelopment and were promised equity ownership upon mortgage satisfaction. However that promise has been broken, instead we face eviction threats from Mayor’s Office of Housing, promising to start evicting people on 10/12 It’s time for Midtown to take over the City Hall. Public officials have been deaf to our pleas asking them to stop willful destruction of our community. We’ve written letters and called. We came to Board of Supervisors hearing. We filed the largest rent control petition in San Francisco history and lost. No housing attorney in San Francisco will take our case. Now we must do what people who can’t get their voices heard do – take our case directly to the people in charge. We’ll be doing a large sit-in until we get our 30 minutes with the mayor, we’ve been asking for this opportunity for months – but were denied.


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 Eviction Protections 2.0 is the most important tenant protection legislation this year. After postponing consideration for six weeks, it is back before the Land Use and Housing committee of the Board of Supervisors. Please attend and support this critical proposal supported and endorsed by over 40 labor, faith, and community organizations from across the city! Let’s make sure to get Eviction Protection 2.0 passed and take one huge concrete step to STOP THOUSANDS of UNJUST evictions! What: Pass Eviction 2.0 NOW! Where: City Hall San Francisco, Room 250 When: 1:30pm! Why: Because the Evictions Need to Stop NOW!! Please FORWARD to ALL your Networks!

Protecciones en Contra de Desalojos 2.0 es la legislación pro-derechos de inquilinos mas importante de este ano. Despues de postponer consideración por seis semanas, hemos regresado al comite de Uso de Terreno de la Mesa de Supervisores. Por favor vengan apoyar esta critica legislación que esta apoyada por mas de 40 organizaciones comunitarias, sindicatos y lideres de Fe a traves de toda la Ciudad!  Que asegurar que Protecciones en Contra de Desalojos 2.0 pase y que tomar un paso concreto para poner un ALTO a MILES de desalojos INJUSTOS! Que: Pasen Protecciones en Contra de Desalojo 2.0 Ahorra!! Donde:  Alcaldia de San Francisco, Salon 250 Cuando: 1:30pm! Porque: Porque los Desalojos Tienen que Parrar AHORRA!! Por Favor MANDE este Aviso a TODAS sus Redes



11:00AM :: GATHER on Front Steps of City Hall (Polk Street) 11:30 :: RALLY 12:30 – 2:00PM :: LOBBYING and ACTION 2:00 PM :: Food and Teach-inJoin us 9-10 at 11AM! If you can’t join at 11:00 but can join later, find us inside City Hall. For updates as the event is happening, follow on Twitter: @PlazaSixteen or on our Facebook page. Stronger Tenant Protections! (Eviction Protections 2.0) Build Affordable Housing, Not Luxury Condos! Plan for People, Not for Profits! Preserve SF Arts and Culture! YES on Prop I • YES on F! Don’t $upersize SoMa! No Beast on Bryant • No Fright on Folsom • No Monster in the Mission! Public Lands in Public Hands! Organized by ACCE • Calle 24 Latino Cultural District • Causa Justa :: Just Cause • The Cultural Action Network • Gabriela SF • Housing Rights Committee • Our Mission No Eviction • Plaza 16 Coalition • San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition • SoMa Action Committee • and many more!
FOR UPDATES all day: follow on Twitter: @PlazaSixteen or on our Facebook page. #CityNot4Sale 9-10-11AM

The Monster Takes a Crushing Blow :: Rally & Press Conference :: MON 8/24 at 12 Noon :: 16th and Mission Plaza


No Monster in the Mission! YES on Prop I! No Beast on Bryant! AFFORDABLE HOUSING AT 16th/Mission :: It appears the Monster in the Mission is in turmoil. Maximus missed the deadline to close the deal on purchasing the property and is now suing the landowners. It’s time for the City to buy the property for 100% affordable housing. YES ON PROP I :: The community has spoken. It does not want or need the luxury projects developers keep proposing in Mission. NO BEAST ON BRYANT :: The Beast on Bryant luxury development comes before the Planning Commission on September 10. The beast would mean the destruction of precious art space, PDR space (light industry space), local small businesses, and rent-controlled housing in order to build luxury condos. The Mission says NO to the Beast on Bryant. ___________________________________________ ((( Have you heard?! BIG NEWS broke on Thursday! ))) READ the article –> Maximus Real Estate Partners missed their deadline to finalize the purchase of the property at 16th and Mission. The loathed Monster in the Mission is in serious jeopardy and this is GOOD NEWS for the community. NOW is the time to demand the City purchase the property for 100% affordable housing so that no other Monsters can be built at 16th and Mission. NOW is the time for PROP I, a pause on luxury development in the Mission. Clearly the luxury projects that developers keep proposing in the Mission are not good for the community and the community will continue to fight them. We need a plan for development in the Mission that serves the people not the profits of greedy developers. JOIN US MONDAY at 12 NOON at 16th and Mission Plaza!




Prop “I” Love SF. “I” Love the Mission 362 Capp Street Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. Thursday, August 13, 5-8pm Bocaditos and refreshments served, plus entertainment provided LEARN ABOUT: VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES, HOSTING A HOUSE PARTY, MAKE A DONATION Suggested Contributions: $5000+ – Padrino/Padrina $1,000 – Hermano/Hermana $500 – Primo/Prima $100 – Amigo/Amiga $25 – Guest Volunteers never turned away! WE ARE: ACCE, Calle 24 SF, Merchants & Neighbors Association, San Francisco LowRider Council, SF Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, PODER, Mission SRO Collaborative, SF Green Party,Causa Justa Just Cause San Francisco Latino Democratic Club TODCO, Mission Neighborhood Centers, The Women’s Building, Cultural Action Network, The Plaza 16 Coalition / La Plaza 16 Coalición, Living Wage Coalition, Our Mission NO Eviction, Latino Cultural District Endorsements: Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, CCHO, D3 Democratic Club, SF Tomorrow, Chicano Latino Caucus, California Democratic Party 2015 , HERE Local 2. For further information, please contact Gabriel Medina at (415) 690-6992 or

Plaza 16 Community Meeting :: THUR JULY 23

PLAZA 16 COMMUNITY MEETING Thursday, July 23rd at 6PM (dinner served at 5:45pm) St. John the Evangelist Church 1661 15th Street at Julian Street (entrance on Julian) RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook. So much is happening right now in the fight for affordable housing in the Mission and San Francisco! There’s much to discuss and much good work for us to do together! So please join the Plaza 16 Coalition for our July community meeting. It’s time to get updated on the latest news with the Monster in the Mission and the larger fight for affordable housing, and to decide on the next steps for the Coalition. We will also continue with our community vision process for development at 16th and Mission that would truly serve the community. community-meeting-image2

mobilizeforMoratorium3 WE’RE DOWN TO THE LAST FEW DAYS. It’s time for the community to mobilize! Community Mobilization for Signature Gathering for the Mission Luxury Moratorium THURSDAY, JULY 2nd at 6PM Mojo Theatre (in the Redstone Building, room #217) 2940 16th Street at Capp

DINNER will be served! We’re down to the last few days to gather all the signatures needed to get the MISSION LUXURY MORATORIUM on the ballot. Please join us 6pm Thursday to find out how you can help us gather all the signatures we need and help save the Mission! FRIDAY :: THEN join us at La Raza / Potrero del Sol Park on FRIDAY for the FREE COMMUNITY BARBECUE and celebration and turn in all the signatures you gathered and pick up new sheet for more signatures over the weekend! DETAILS –> LOW_riders

Labor and Community Solidarity Against MAXIMUS Greed!

pm 2


FROM PARKMERCED TO THE MISSION Workers, Tenants, and Mission District Unite Against MAXIMUS Greed!

WED. JUNE 24, 11AM 16th and Mission BART Plaza 11:00 a.m. Rally 11:30 am March

Robert Rosania/Parkmerced/Maximus: Respect Union Standards for Janitors! No Monsters in the Mission! RESPECT WORKER RIGHTS Parkmerced Apartment Leasing Management — one of the largest privately owned residential complex in the country— terminated the employment of an entire staff of good qualified janitors and handymen workers that have worked on site for years, in some cases decades, and replaced them with Preferred Building Services — a contractor know to violate the law, pay below area standards, and drop benefits for workers. Parkmerced janitors who have now been out of work for over two months are struggling to survive in San Francisco and more than one family have lost their home as a result. We must not let Preferred Building Services get away with arrogantly refusing to comply with laws designed to protect workers in the low wage janitorial industry! Protect our families vulnerable to the Bay area’s skyrocketing livings costs! NO MAXIMUS MONSTER IN THE MISSION Parkmerced owner, Robert Rosania (of MAXIMUS Real Estate Partners), is the same wealthy developer who intends to build the infamous Monster in the Mission, ten-story luxury towers at 16th and Mission. The Mission community has made it loud and clear that they need affordable housing now, not more luxury towers from greedy developers that will worsen the neighborhood’s displacement crisis. From Parkmerced to the Mission district, workers, tenants, and neighbors are uniting to fight Robert Rosania/Maximus. We refuse see more workers and neighbors displaced!

Stop the Beast on Bryant :: Sign the Petition and help take the Planning Commission Sept. 10

STOP THE BEAST ON BRYANT MISSION TAKES THE PLANNING COMMISSION SEPTEMBER 10 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 at 12:00 pm City Hall, Room 400 Affordable housing not more luxury condos in the Mission! Save the arts & community businesses on Bryant! Not Another Monster in the Mission @ 2000 Bryant. This item may be late in the agenda on July 2nd. FOR UPDATES on day of hearing: follow on Twitter: @PlazaSixteen or on our Facebook page. #NOTAnotherMissionMonster #Save the Mission SEND A LETTER NOW to SF planning commission opposing the BEAST ON BRYANT. NEW! San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council issues resolution opposing the “unaffordable and exploitative” Beast on Bryant project.   THE BEAST ON BRYANT This project requires the Planning Commission grant a Conditional Use permit, which means it MUST show: a) some benefit to the community through the change, b) that the project is desirable or necessary to the community. Luxury market rate housing is NOT a benefit to the community, nor desirable, nor necessary to the majority of Mission residents. This site is one of the few large parcels left in the Mission that is eligible for Federal Funding for 100% affordable units. Converting this PDR block into luxury housing, which 60% of SF residents cannot afford, would create a new wealth ghetto that will squeeze working class residents and jobs out of the Mission neighborhood. We are asking the Planning Commission to: ∙ Deny demolition and conditional use permits for 2000 Bryant Street ∙ Preserve the arts and cultural institutions in the Mission ∙ Preserve the PDR businesses and jobs in the Mission ∙ Listen to the hundreds of Mission residents calling for a Moratorium on new Market Rate Housing and PDR-to-Office conversions in the Mission, and use the power of its office to create affordable housing.