The Monster Takes a Crushing Blow :: Rally & Press Conference :: MON 8/24 at 12 Noon :: 16th and Mission Plaza

16th and MISSION PLAZA (southwest corner)

No Monster in the Mission!
YES on Prop I!
No Beast on Bryant!

AFFORDABLE HOUSING AT 16th/Mission :: It appears the Monster in the Mission is in turmoil. Maximus missed the deadline to close the deal on purchasing the property and is now suing the landowners. It’s time for the City to buy the property for 100% affordable housing.

YES ON PROP I :: The community has spoken. It does not want or need the luxury projects developers keep proposing in Mission.

NO BEAST ON BRYANT :: The Beast on Bryant luxury development comes before the Planning Commission on September 10. The beast would mean the destruction of precious art space, PDR space (light industry space), local small businesses, and rent-controlled housing in order to build luxury condos. The Mission says NO to the Beast on Bryant.


((( Have you heard?! BIG NEWS broke on Thursday! )))

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Maximus Real Estate Partners missed their deadline to finalize the purchase of the property at 16th and Mission. The loathed Monster in the Mission is in serious jeopardy and this is GOOD NEWS for the community.

NOW is the time to demand the City purchase the property for 100% affordable housing so that no other Monsters can be built at 16th and Mission.

NOW is the time for PROP I, a pause on luxury development in the Mission. Clearly the luxury projects that developers keep proposing in the Mission are not good for the community and the community will continue to fight them. We need a plan for development in the Mission that serves the people not the profits of greedy developers.
JOIN US MONDAY at 12 NOON at 16th and Mission Plaza!

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