Labor and Community Solidarity Against MAXIMUS Greed!

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FROM PARKMERCED TO THE MISSION Workers, Tenants, and Mission District Unite Against MAXIMUS Greed!

WED. JUNE 24, 11AM 16th and Mission BART Plaza 11:00 a.m. Rally 11:30 am March

Robert Rosania/Parkmerced/Maximus: Respect Union Standards for Janitors! No Monsters in the Mission! RESPECT WORKER RIGHTS Parkmerced Apartment Leasing Management — one of the largest privately owned residential complex in the country— terminated the employment of an entire staff of good qualified janitors and handymen workers that have worked on site for years, in some cases decades, and replaced them with Preferred Building Services — a contractor know to violate the law, pay below area standards, and drop benefits for workers. Parkmerced janitors who have now been out of work for over two months are struggling to survive in San Francisco and more than one family have lost their home as a result. We must not let Preferred Building Services get away with arrogantly refusing to comply with laws designed to protect workers in the low wage janitorial industry! Protect our families vulnerable to the Bay area’s skyrocketing livings costs! NO MAXIMUS MONSTER IN THE MISSION Parkmerced owner, Robert Rosania (of MAXIMUS Real Estate Partners), is the same wealthy developer who intends to build the infamous Monster in the Mission, ten-story luxury towers at 16th and Mission. The Mission community has made it loud and clear that they need affordable housing now, not more luxury towers from greedy developers that will worsen the neighborhood’s displacement crisis. From Parkmerced to the Mission district, workers, tenants, and neighbors are uniting to fight Robert Rosania/Maximus. We refuse see more workers and neighbors displaced!

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