Stop the Beast on Bryant :: Sign the Petition and help take the Planning Commission Sept. 10

STOP THE BEAST ON BRYANT MISSION TAKES THE PLANNING COMMISSION SEPTEMBER 10 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 at 12:00 pm City Hall, Room 400 Affordable housing not more luxury condos in the Mission! Save the arts & community businesses on Bryant! Not Another Monster in the Mission @ 2000 Bryant. This item may be late in the agenda on July 2nd. FOR UPDATES on day of hearing: follow on Twitter: @PlazaSixteen or on our Facebook page. #NOTAnotherMissionMonster #Save the Mission SEND A LETTER NOW to SF planning commission opposing the BEAST ON BRYANT. NEW! San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council issues resolution opposing the “unaffordable and exploitative” Beast on Bryant project.   THE BEAST ON BRYANT This project requires the Planning Commission grant a Conditional Use permit, which means it MUST show: a) some benefit to the community through the change, b) that the project is desirable or necessary to the community. Luxury market rate housing is NOT a benefit to the community, nor desirable, nor necessary to the majority of Mission residents. This site is one of the few large parcels left in the Mission that is eligible for Federal Funding for 100% affordable units. Converting this PDR block into luxury housing, which 60% of SF residents cannot afford, would create a new wealth ghetto that will squeeze working class residents and jobs out of the Mission neighborhood. We are asking the Planning Commission to: ∙ Deny demolition and conditional use permits for 2000 Bryant Street ∙ Preserve the arts and cultural institutions in the Mission ∙ Preserve the PDR businesses and jobs in the Mission ∙ Listen to the hundreds of Mission residents calling for a Moratorium on new Market Rate Housing and PDR-to-Office conversions in the Mission, and use the power of its office to create affordable housing.  

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