THUR. MARCH 26 :: Plaza 16 Community Meeting

Plaza 16 Community Meeting
Marshall Elementary School
1575 15th Street at Capp Street

Food and childcare provided. 

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On March 4th we showed Maximus and city officials an incredible display of community strength and unity ( Now it’s time to build on that momentum and take the campaign against the Monster in the Mission to the next level!

Our next community meeting will be held at Marshall Elementary, the school adjacent to the proposed Maximus monster. The Maximus project would cast a shadow over the school for most of the year and the 18 months of construction would be terribly disruptive to the students’ learning environment.

Parents at the school need our support in resisting the project and they need our help convincing the School Board commissioners that they must not help facilitate the monster project by making a deal with Maximus.

At the March meeting we will continue the community-driven process for developing a community-serving vision for 16th and Mission and will we discuss our next community actions, etc.

Note: in April we will return to our regular third-Thursday schedule at St. John the Evangelist Church, Julian Street at 15th.

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